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How To Operate Film Blowing Machine Well And Safe?

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July 22, 2017
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How To Operate Film Blowing Machine Well And Safe?

How to heat the film blowing machine before production?

First, we need know how does the plastic film producing.
1.Heat the plactic resin ball.
2.Extruder the film by screw.
3.Cooling and rewinding.

Second, we need know there are various type accoding to diffirent material, just like PE, POF, PP, PVC and so on. If you use the new resin material, the blowing film will be very clean and smooth and strong.

Then, we discuss how to heat film blowing machine before production.
1.Pull down the original heating ring of the modified part.
2.Measure the size of the barrel. Include the primeter. The calculate the heat insulation cotton quantity. And confirm if the winding space is enough according to the heating ring power.
3.Packaging the heat insulation cotton on the barrel by high temperature bandage, keep the heat insulation cotton thickness between 1.5-2.0CM.
4.Package one layer 0.5mm insulating resin plate on the heat insulation cotton to make the it beautiful.
5.Winding the electromagnetic wire on the barrel strainly.
6.Install the electromegnetic heating control cabinet.

How to reduce the waste the film blowing machine in production?

Dynamic part: Save the power by inverter. For example the motor power is 50Hz, but the real power in working only need 30Hz, so the inverter could change the power output to reduce the power waste.

Heating part: The heating part normally use the electromagnetic heating device, could save 30-70% power.

How to improve the transparence of the film?

The polyolefin is a crystalline polymer,the main factors affecting the transparency is the resin raw materials, the best way to improve the film transparency is using lower crystallinity and fine spherulites. Advanced technology only to to improve the transparency to a certain extent. Please find following reason and operation of the film blowing machine:
1.The extrusion temperature is too low, the melt has bad plasticization, so we need improve the melt temperature.
2.The poor cooling effact the transparency, so we need increasing cooling air volume.
3.The resin ball has much water, so the resin ball should be full drying.

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