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How To Buy Slitting and Rewinding Machine In China?

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How To Buy Slitting and Rewinding Machine In China?

Professional inquiry method:

1 What is your slitting material? What are the characteristics? (plastic film, kraft paper, nonwoven, aluminum, pearl, bubble film etc.)
2 What is the thickness, width diameter and max length of loading material? (normally the thickness doesn’t effect too much, just should not be hard, and we could use cylinder circle knife while need slitting with high speed and high accuracy. And the machine model mostly according to the loading roll width. If could slit paper, must could slit plastic film, because paper need more skill of tension control. Besides, if could slit thin film must could slit higher thickness material. )
3 What is the diameter and min slitting width of rewinding roll? If the diameter up to 1400mm, we better use hydraulic loading device and the back to back type rewinding device. Our normal type only accept 800mm loading roll width and 600mm rewinding roll diameter.
4 How about the speed? (our factory highest speed of slitting could up to 450m/min, even Taiwan machine is also the speed limited, and our machine is stable enough to hold such high speed.
5 Did you use of film blowing machine before? (We could provide the training service around one week to two weeks)
6 How about the voltage is how much? (different countries have different voltages, the default voltage is 380V, 50Hz)
7 How much space is reserved for the equipment? (small machine needs special design, and while we visit your factory we could suggest where is suitable to set up)
8 Do you have office in China? (involved in the quotation, if there is an office we will report FOB rather than CIF, because customers in this case have their own freight forwarding)

Know customer real demand   (for example):

There is an Morocco customer is searching for nonwoven slitting machine, the final products is nonwoven on the market, and he has large demand per month. He wants set up 2 more machine.

Demand analysis:

The customer used similar machine before, so his technician is well know how to operate machines, and it is also show us they know the market price and quality well. If possible we need know which supplier provide the machine to him.

Rapid quotation:

Matching with two double break, rotary die head, electric network, imported electrical appliances and so on.

Introduce the characteristics of the machine

1. Adopts pneumatic fixing system
2. It has 3 modes of the unwinding tension, pressure senor closed-cycle automatic constant tension, zero pressure sensor open-cycle automatic constant tension and manually tension
3. It does not need to input the material thickness
4. With the manual adjustment system, the unloading material tightness can be controlled. The adjustable range: +/-20mm
5. Automatic error-correction for the film edge position is controlled by the CCD photographic system.

Extra description

1. With the static elimination device
2. Infrared laser pen follows the paper core
3. Razor blade cutting and groove roller cutting (also can be circular blade slit as optional device.

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