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How To Buy Film Blowing Machine In China?

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July 22, 2017
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How To Buy Film Blowing Machine In China?

Professional inquiry method:

1 What is your application of film? What are the characteristics? (Film is widely used in the field of food, chemical industry, medicine, etc.)
2 What is the thickness, width and material? (Width and material determine the type, thickness determines the screw and die diameter)
3 How about the output per hour? (Our factory can calculate the output per hour according to the width, thickness and speed of the machine.)
4 Did you use of film blowing machine before? (We could provide the training service around one week to two weeks)
5 How about the voltage is how much? (Different countries have different voltages, the default voltage is 380V, 50Hz)
6 How much space is reserved for the equipment? (Small machine needs special design)
7 Do you have office in China? (Involved in the quotation, if there is an office we will report FOB rather than CIF, because customers in this case have their own freight forwarding)

Know customer real demand   (for example):

There is an Indian customers is searching for T-shirt bag making machine, the final sample is vest bags on the market, there are several bag factories have cooperate with him. He wanted to expand his film blowing machine production line, in the future may buy their own bag making machine to do their own bag for local market.

Demand analysis:

The customer is the end user, it has chance to persuade him to become a dealer, each manufacturer has the ambition to earn a commission, no matter he is boss or staff only. He bought this machine before, so we could know he has ability to solve the after sale in India. He wanted to expand the production line, means he has certain resources and market demand in growth, there will be some back order if our service is great, such as bag making machine. But in another perspective, he may have much suppliers, I am just one of the manufacturers he asked. So i should be very professional then i can invoice losing him. So my initial strategy is to introduce machine, video images bombing, direct quotation, spying on the his intention of intermediate business…

Rapid quotation:

Matching with two double break, rotary die head, electric network, imported electrical appliances and so on.

Introduce the characteristics of the machine

1 high production, 24 hours without stopping
2 pay period, help as soon as possible to generate profits
3 rotating die to make the film more uniform
4 electric network for more efficient
5 imported electrical appliances to a certain extent, to ensure the use of life and safety

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